Kezia Lily Wagnell was born in Nairobi, Kenya, on July 24th, 2012. Kezia is the only blonde in the family which she stole from her mother (whose hair suddenly got dark when she was born). She has an abundance of energy, enjoys playing outside, and loves to play with water and mud. She is not as adventurous as her big sister so tends to be a little more cautious. Of the two girls, she is the more "girly" one and loves anything princess, ruffles, and bows. School has been difficult, but she has made much progress and enjoys it now.

Facts - Interesting or Not

  • Her name comes from Job 42:14
  • Unlike the Hebrew, Kezia is pronounced kɛˈziːə
  • We could not come up with a middle name at first. Although Ezri's middle name Rose is a family name, we thought of "Rose of Sharon" and "Lily of the Valley" so that is where Lily came from.
  • We joke that her blood is 90% chocolate because she loves chocolate! Really likes chocolate.
  • She is the only one born in Kenya at Aga Khan University Hospital
  • She is a "hobbit princess" because she likes to have second breakfasts and she is also our princess.
  • Did we mention that she likes chocolate?