Esther was born in Currais Novos, Brazil in December of 1979. Her parents were missionaries there until they returned to the USA when Esther was 16 after serving for 35 years. While in Brazil, she was home schooled and went to boarding school for 3 years. After completing the last 2 years of high school at Lake Region Christian School, a private school in the States, she attended Pensacola Christian College and received a Bachelors Degree in Nursing. There she met Joe's sister Susan and, through her, Joe. They began dating after she finished college and were married on July 25, 2003. She worked as a nurse for 8 years before quitting when the 2nd baby arrived. Joe and Esther now have 4 children: Benjamin, Ezri, Kezia, and Ethan.

Esther knew in high school that the Lord wanted her to go to the mission field some day, and the family finally arrived in Nairobi, Kenya on July 16, 2011. They currently serve in Nairobi with Africa Inland Mission's aviation division called AIM AIR. Along with her duties of caring for the children and the home, she serves as Housing and Hospitality Point Person for Africa Based Services, a division of AIM.

Facts - Interesting or Not

  • Speaks "fluent" Portuguese (doesn't get much practice)
  • Loves Snickers candy bars
  • Likes to ride motorcycles (but NOT in Kenya)
  • Likes soft, cuddly things
  • Likes to be warm