Joe works in an FAA certified Repair Station (the Radio Base), where he repairs avionics for the aircraft. He also gets an opportunity to fix a large variety of electronic appliances from HF radios to microwaves, sound systems, coffee makers and curling irons. Pretty much, if it uses electricity, it will be brought into the shop at some point.

Joe was born in San Diego in 1978 but spent his early childhood growing up in Nairobi, Kenya where his Dad was a pilot for AIM AIR. At 18, Joe joined the Navy and became an Electronics Technician. While in the Navy, Joe worked as a radio technician, a communicator for the SEALs, and finally a network system administrator. He was stationed on the East and the West coast and deployed to South Korea, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Before getting out of the Navy in 2006, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.

After getting out of the Navy, Joe turned a hobby into a profession and started a wedding and family photography business, Digital Inspiration. During this time, he also attended Southern California Seminary and earned a Master in Religious Studies and a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies.

During a trip to Brazil in 2009, Joe and Esther felt a renewed call to foreign missions and were accepted as candidates with AIM in June of 2009. The Lord provided the support needed and Joe, Esther and family left for Nairobi, Kenya in July of 2011.

Facts - Interesting or Not

  • Has three siblings
  • Two of his siblings were born in Africa
  • Likes to backpack and spend time outdoors
  • Thinks that San Diego has the best weather in the United States!
  • Owned a Wedding Photography Business
  • Loves to drive motorcycles (faster is better)
  • Enjoys collecting old US coins
  • Favorite Fast Food - In-N-Out