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Ezri Rose Wagnell was born in San Diego, CA on October 16, 2009. She is wildly energetic but also loves to cuddle and be held. She is constantly talking, although not always intelligibly. She loves to play (and aggravate) her older brother. She misses her brother when goes to preschool and is always very excited when her brother comes home. She also gets excited when her Daddy comes home from work.

She is a daredevil and loves to run, jump and climb. She is a good climber and is often aggravated by climbing bars (and such) because she is not yet quit tall enough to reach the next bar. She gets Benjamin to climb stuff that he normally would not (because he can't be shown-up by his younger sister).

Facts - Interesting or Not

  • Her name is found in 1 Chronicles 27:26
  • Already likes to go shopping (or anywhere else).
  • Enjoys getting dressed up for church
  • Can play Angry Birds on Mommies phone. :)
  • Has Daddy wrapped around her little finger
  • Loves chocolate milk for breakfast

Ezri Wagnell