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Kezia Lily Wagnell
Kezia Lily Wagnell was born in Nairobi, Kenya on July 24th, 2012. Kezia was born with dark black hair which fell out and came back in blonde and curly. She has a lot of energy, enjoys playing out side, and loves to play in the water. She is not as adventurous as her big sister, and tends to be a little more cautious.

Birth Details (For Men :)

Born - 2012
Weight - 10 ish pounds
Length - 20 ish inches
Gender - ??

Birth Details (For Women :)

Born - 2:45PM 24 July 2012
Weight - 9 lbs 2.39 oz
Length - 20.78 inches
Gender - Female
Delivery Method - Cesarean Section

Esther's water broke at 6:20 AM on 23 July. We rushed (lazily) to the hospital and arrived around 10AM. Esther was dilated about 4cm at this point. Contractions were not regular, so they started her on oxytocin. This only helped mildly, with contractions coming every couple minutes for 45 minutes and then nothing for the next half hour. At 1AM on 24 July, Esther got an epidural, hoping this would allow her to relax and contractions to continue/increase in strength. At 10am on 24 July,  she was still only at 4cm. A caesarian section was scheduled for 2pm that same day. Surgery started at about 2:30pm, baby was born at 2:45, and Esther was out of surgery at about 3:30pm. Esther and Kezia are both doing well.

Esther and Kezia     Benjamin, Ezri, and Kezia

Facts - Interesting or Not

  • Her name comes from Job 42:14
  • Unlike the Hebrew, Kezia is pronounced kɛˈziːə